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How To MAXIMIZE Your Search Engine Rankings For Your Blog's Targeted Niche

Create And Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs
The Top 10 Tricks to Master Your WordPress Blog Empire!

AdsOnQ : Your RSS Internet Advertising Company
Article Distribution and Syndication On Quikonnex from Trina Schiller

Business Blog Basics For Newcomers
What You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Blog!

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The Forum Phenomena


by Michael Green

It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harriett now owns their own Ezine or Newsletter. So where are savvy marketers looking to gain their next competitive edge?

Here's the answer...

... They're setting up their own Discussion Forums!

Almost overnight discussion forums have become an essential weapon in the armory of every successful online marketer.

And that's no surprise when you consider that some of the big marketing forums are now attracting 4 million page visits per month.

Just before Christmas I set up my own forum and within a matter of weeks was receiving thousands of visitors per day.


Okay I hear you say... so forums can drive a massive amount of traffic, but how does that help me make money through internet marketing?

Actually in pretty much the same way as owning a credible Newsletter can build your wealth and, over time, generate a healthy income for you.

You see, as the owner and moderator of a forum, your credibility will grow fast and before you know it...visitors will be hanging on your every word.

From that point onwards, it doesn't take a massive leap of the imagination to appreciate how this kind of POWER can lead to increased profits for you.

All you now need to do is quietly talk about the right products and services and others will likely pile in. If you like, it's a subtle form of product placement.

Plus of course, since you own the forum, you have the opportunity to include your own banner ads or text links to every thread or page. You can see how this is done on my own forum.

BUT... just like the responsible newsletter editor, you MUST ensure that you are recommending only the BEST products and services. Otherwise you'll quickly lose all your credibility . Oh and your forum audience and regular posters will disappear too.



If you find yourself in the position of repeatably being asked the exact same question about your product or service, then a forum can provide a place for you to post the answer once and for all. After that you'll just refer people to your forum thread on the subject.


A bunch of enthusiasts will most likely gather at your forum and act as an external customer services facility for you. Your forum can cut your workload dramatically.


I often release information about my forthcoming projects to the folks at my own forum before anywhere else. It's a trusted community where I can get valuable thoughts and feedback before launching a toolkit to the public at large.


Well you'll need to devote a certain amount of time to monitoring the posts and ensuring that SPAM isn't turning up on your forum. Naturally it will, so you'll need to delete it. Ignore your discussion board and you'll quickly discover that it has been filled with worthless JUNK posts and this will immediately devalue the board.

Newsgroups have been around since before the dawn of the internet - so you may well be asking yourself: "Why are they really *hot* now?"

Traditional Newsgroups used to require special software to access and even though they have been popularized through Google, they're gradually losing their importance.

At the same time anyone who can set up a website can now set up their own forum - so they're here to stay and naturally "switched-on" internet marketers are taking full advantage.

I look forward to posting in your discussion forum soon!

Michael Green

Founder "How To" Corp
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Community Features

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- photo (uploading your photo is like 1,2,3)
- profile info (edit your profile any time)
Country, City, State
Company, Industry, Interests, Gender.

2. People Find

You can search our database for people using any of the criteria offered to be entered in the profile section of each user

Search is available through the link People Find or by clicking hyperlinked search queries attached to the profile elements of anyone's home page.

3. Place your offers or requests.

You can place your advertisements in two categories. Have or Want. Your ads can be searched by using those specifications plus any search text.

When somebody responds to you, you will be notified by email and private thread will be expended within your Offers/Request areas.
If you respond to somebody, new thread will be created within your Threads area so you can follow it up.

4. Schedule your events.

Be notified by email specific amount of time before the event to be reminded.
Create groups of users sharing time scheduling events each other.

5. Invite others to become your friends.

Create additional links to your profile through your associations with other members.

6. Receive daily reports about your profile activity.

You will know who visited your profile and how many times.

7. Discussion Boards.

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Exchange your ideas and share your experiences with over 7000 people.

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